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Jurassic Park is kind of like a zoo that holds dinosaurs captive. You may be wondering how the jurassic park workers managed to get dinosaurs in the park? Well, first, they would dig for amber, a prehistoric and incredibly sticky tree sap that can preserve anything trapped inside once hardened. Usually, amber contains mosquitos that are just as old as the sap itself. Mosquitos suck blood from other organisms, such as dinosaurs. Once a mosquito is found in the amber, it is injected with a needle and the blood that it sucked is extracted from the abdomen. The blood is put into a special machine that extracts DNA from it. Then, they sequence the DNA so that they get a complete strand. They fill in any gaps within the dinosaur DNA by splicing it with frog DNA. Afterwords, they insert the DNA into a crocodile ova and create an embryo. The embryo is inserted into specially made eggs with large yolk sacks and little water. The eggs are then incubated in an environment that has 100% humidity and is 99*F. The eggs are then left to hatch naturally, and the resulting product ends up a female dinosaur. All dinosaurs are females to prevent breeding. Carnivores are kept behind electric fences, while the herbivores are free to walk around the island. The dinosaurs will be put into their habitat at an appropriate age.
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